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NJ Cancels Vote On Adult Use Murphy Couldn’t Muster The Numbers

Well.. that lets New York off the hook. Looks like both these states will rumble on with endless internal wrangling a while longer until the inevitable happens.

NJ Legislature Votes On Legalization Monday Here Are The 60 Towns That Have Already Said No

The last time we saw a list it was 50 towns. This has now risen to 60.

Bob Hoban Clocks Up The Air Miles..

Zimbabwe, Netherlands & Israel amongst others . Definitely a firm on the move.

ORCA March 2019 Newsletter Provides Exhaustive Overview of State Legislative Developments & OLCC Rules, Regs & Education Programs

If only every state had an organisation like this !

Oregon: OLCC Decisions & Fines 23 March 2019

Portland, OR -- At its monthly meeting on March 21, 2019 the Commissioners of the Oregon Liquor Control Commission accepted the findings of a State of Oregon Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) and denied the application for a producer marijuana license by Earth People’s Garden, LLC.  All five of the attending commission members voted in favor of issuing a final order upholding the license denial.

Here Come The Big Boys !

"Hogan Lovells Joins Ninth Circuit Fight Over Seized Hemp" reports the Recorder. Not a day goes by in 2019 without mention of a white shoe firm getting into the action with regard to hemp ( mainly hemp) or cannabis.

Friday 22 March – State By State Digest: Federal, Arkansas, Florida, Hawaii, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, Tennessee

Things have been piling up this week so we're in need of another digest especially with regard to the NJ proposed Monday vote which is beginning to resemble Coney Island's Cyclone ride.

SAFE Banking Act Should See Vote In Congress Early Next Week

Rep Ed Perlmutter has stated... . “With 97.7 percent of the U.S. population living in a state where voters have legalized some form of adult recreational, medical or limited-medical use of marijuana, congressional inaction is no longer an option,” Perlmutter said. “And with broad, bipartisan support in the House, I look forward to the SAFE Banking Act continuing to move forward in the Financial Services Committee and on the floor of the House.”

Arkansas Senate passes medical cannabis bills affecting edibles, advertising

The measures were sent to the state House for consideration.

The Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board Looking For Input On Proposed Rules

Please forward your comments to the Liquor and Cannabis Board by mail, e-mail, or fax

I Do Like / Don’t Like Mondays ? It’s Going To Be A Big Day In The NJ Legislature reports, "Monday could be the day when the Legislature takes a historic vote to legalize marijuana for adult recreational use in New Jersey.Or it could be the day when Democratic leaders concede defeat in convincing enough colleagues to get on board, setting the legalization effort back months and raising doubts about the fate of one of Gov. Phil Murphy’s central campaign promises."

Florida Gov. Signs Bill Into Law Allowing Smokable Cannabis Products

Florida medical cannabis patients are officially able to buy and consume smokable cannabis products after Republican Gov. Rick DeSantis signed legislation this week overturning the state’s controversial smoking ban, NBC reports.

Las Vegas City Council Meeting ( 20 March 2019 ) Meeting On Cannabis Lounges – Agenda

Here's the meeting agenda , the item number and the full bill to be debated. (Download as a pdf)

USA: USPS Issues Guideline Document For Mailing CBD

Published last week in the Kight on Cannabis blog. Rod writes, "In the “BMA Advisory: Acceptance Criteria for Cannabidiol (CBD) Oil and Products Containing CBD“, a copy of which is embedded below, the USPS acknowledges the legal status of hemp derived CBD and provides temporary “acceptance criteria ” For demonstrating when a mailing is compliant with the 2014 Farm Act. According to the USPS, a mailing is compliant when it contains the following documentation"

PDF Report: “The WHO’s First-Ever Critical Review of Cannabis A Mixture of Obvious Recommendations Deserving Support and Dubious Methods and Outcomes Requiring Scrutiny”

The Transnational Institute (TNI) an international research and advocacy institute has produced a report with partners that says amongst other things, " The ECDD recommendations also reveal problematic underlying evaluation methods and scheduling procedures along with a very questionable rationale for keeping cannabis in Schedule I."

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